Facebook Unveils Online Safety Council

The online safety board will comprise of five organisations namely; Common Sense Media, ConnectSafely, WiredSafety, Childnet International and The Family Online Safety Institute.

Facebook said in a statement that it plans to meet the safety board regularly to review the existing safety measures, get advice on how to enforce best possible safety measures for its users and to develop new material.

The world's biggest social networking website has also revealed that one of the top priorities of the safety board will be to overhaul safety options on Facebook’s help website.

The revamped section will be more comprehensive than the last one and the content of the section will cater specifically to parents, teachers and teens. However, the date of the release of the new safety section of Facebook has not been disclosed yet.

Richard Allan, Facebook's director of European public policy said in a statement that online safety is supposed to be a group effort. He asked the online population of Facebook to do their part by reporting abusive behavior and keeping Facebook passwords secure.

Interestingly, Facebook is also working closely with several US state attorneys to eradicate registered sex-offenders from the website. New York state attorney general Andrew Cuomo has revealed that almost 3500 sex-offenders from New York have been eradicated from both Facebook and MySpace.

Our Comments

Facebook is taking the initiative when it comes to privacy, something that other big online entities should take heed from. Facebook has had a chequered past when it comes to personal privacy but it seems that they have learnt a lot from their previous mishaps.

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