Google Acquires Appjet To Beef Up Wave

Google seems all set to make a mark in the online communication collaboration, as the search engine giant is reportedly snapping up a Silicon Valley start-up to incorporate its technology with the highly sought after Wave communication collaboration tool.

According to the sources, Google is acquiring a San-Francisco-based start-up AppJet Inc., which specialises in “real-time” online document collaboration, as it would help Google in redefining the way the roadmap of real-time online collaboration has been laid.

“We are happy to announce that AppJet Inc. has been acquired by Google. The EtherPad team will continue its work on real-time collaboration by joining the Google Wave team”, AppJet Inc. mentioned in its website.

AppJet has created a cutting-edge technology to update the shared display in the guise of its unique EtherPad tool, and the company claims it to be the “only web-based word processor that allows people to work together in really real-time”.

EtherPad tool has been compared with the Google Docs suite, and the differences between the two have been illustrated in the FAQs section of its website.

The prime difference between the two, as illustrated, is that while Google Docs offers a range of services, including word processing to document management, it lacks “real-time collaborative text editing”, which is indeed the unique selling point of EtherPad.

Our Comments

The details of the transaction haven't been released but it is not difficult to see the reasons why Appjet was acquired by Google. Like Friendfeed, Appjet was created by former Googlers and to some extent, contains some Google DNA in it. That said, Google has acquired other companies in the past but failed to do anything meaningful with it - Gizmo5 and Jaiku for e.g.

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