BT To Partner With Google Over Video CDN

The Guardian has reported that the project, christened as ‘Content Connect’, is being developed by BT wholesale in collaboration with BT Retail and apparently, Orange and Virgin Media - no Talktalk in there. Content providers Channel 4, Five and the BBC are also understood to be part of the project.

Content Connect, which is currently being trialled by thousands of British broadband users, will look to ease the traffic burden on the ISPs which is the direct result of the increasing popularity of online video content.

The new CDN will host the online content on an ISP’s local network for download, significantly reducing the heavy flow of multiple streams on video services like iPlayer and YouTube, thereby decreasing the traffic cost of ISPs.

Interestingly, the phenomenal growth in the popularity of online video content has been burdening the network of ISPs which were being forced to reduce the bandwidth available to their customers in order to restore balance.

Another issue which the ISPs were facing was that they were not being paid for the increasing traffic on their networks by the content providers.

However, ‘Connect Content’ will look to solve all these problems faced by the ISPs and will ensure a better quality of online video services for the British public.

Our Comments

Great idea to have a national CDN; the danger obviously is that it becomes a proprietary network that stiffles rather than promotes competition, some sort of virtual monopoly. It is interesting to see that Google, which owns Youtube, is also on the project.

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