Five Year Old Pupils To Learn About Internet Safety

Now, the UK government has announced plans to include internet safety lessons in primary school curriculum from 2010. The lessons are a component of ‘click clever, click safe’ campaign which is being initiated by the government.

The campaign will also focus on encouraging children to follow an online ‘green cross code’ and block or report any offensive and abusive web-content they come across apart from advising them against giving out personal information on the web.

The particulars of the campaign have been formulated by the UK council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) which includes members like Facebook, Microsoft and Google who have promised to support the cause with full dedication.

The 140 members of the council are also working on a self-regulatory code of conduct regarding online behavior which will be published next year. The set of rules will act as a yard-stick against which the government will review websites.

Children's Secretary Ed Balls commented that the code of conduct will allow the children and their parents to protect themselves against myriad kinds of threat on the internet.

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The new government initiative will also coach the kids about blocking unwanted messages on social networking sites. The news come shortly after Facebook unveiled an online safety council and, together with others, announced its plans to integrate a so-called panic button.

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