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Google Explores Visual Search Capabilities With Goggles

Taking mobile searching to the next level, Google has announced a breakthrough visual searching application for its Android platform that would enable people to fetch information about any landmark or piece of art simply by taking a snapshot of that object.

Dubbed as “Google Goggles”, the new app aims at helping tourists to get details about any popular place or object simply by using pictures of that entity, instead of using words.

The app boasts of the capability to recognise host of things, such as tourist attractions, buildings, company logos, famous paintings, business cards, to mention a few.

Users just need to focus the camera of their Android-powered handset on the object, and subsequently Google begins comparing elements of the images with that of the information stored in its database.

As soon as a proper match is discovered, Google will display the name of the entity, along with several links to the web pages containing information about that particular object.

The search engine giant will be able to underpin the location of the user through in-built compass and GPS software integrated into the handsets powered by Android mobile operating system.

Discussing the utility of the new app, Shailesh Nalawadi, Google Googles’ product manager, said: “For many search queries, using an image to search is easier and more useful than text alone, especially on a mobile phone. Computer vision technology is still in its infancy, but Goggles demonstrates its potential.”

Our Comments

Augmented reality will be one of the biggest technological achievements that will take place in 2010. Anyone who has seen head up displays (HUDs) in fighter airplanes cockpit will know how extraordinarily helpful AR can be. Google Visual Search is just one example of what can be done.

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