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Google Favourite Places To Use Barcode QR Stickers

With the Christmas shopping season knocking at the doorstep, it’s the online search behemoth Google which is apparently taking the onus to spread words about some of the popular small and medium-sized businesses.

The company has introduced a new feature, codenamed as “Favourite Places”, aimed at addressing the marketing requirements of the companies present in its Local Business Centre listings.

The newly released addition includes sending windows decals to as many as 100,000 US businesses recognising them as ‘Favourite Places’, and subsequently offering a QR Code for speedier link to the relevant information and reviews.

The QR Code is a new advanced form of traditional barcodes - exists as 2D - and can be read by using the camera of the majority the smartphones currently present on the market.

Furthermore, the codes sent out contain links to a Google Place Page, which can have all the essential info about any particular business, such as opening and closing time, best features, etc, in addition to the customer reviews and images of the vicinity.

Discussing the feature, Google mentioned in its blog post: “This launch is part of our overall effort -- online and offline -- to provide you with the best local business results whenever you're trying to figure out where to go, whether it's a trendy Cuban restaurant in Philly or a hip hotel in NYC."

Our Comments

The scheme is still not available in the UK or outside the US for the time being but it is only a matter of time before it is extended worldwide. Google is really on a roll, it managed to get Goggles, Favourite Places and Real-time search, all within 24 hours. The QR code as well is an intriguing technology worth following.

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