Google Launches Beta Chrome Browser For Mac

Google has finally released the Mac version of its Chrome browser more than 14 months after the initial Windows version was released.

The Mac and Linux versions (which is also out) ought to share a fair amount of code given the fact that Mac OSX is is essentially a Unix-based, x86 compatible operating system.

The Mac beta, which can be found here, is apparently reasonably fast and the final version should be available as early as Q1 2010. Google took extra care to make Chrome for Mac as polished as possible.

They have integrated OSX's Keychain into Google Chrome for Mac, system spellchecker integration and added Mac-style animations when the user opens the bookmarks bar plus there's the zippy new V8 Javascript engine as well.

The Chrome for Mac team wrote on their blog that "As you might expect, the speed of Google Chrome for Mac is something we’re very proud of. If you have a Mac, try installing the beta and see how fast it launches – there’s hardly even time for the icon in the dock to bounce!"

All in all, nearly 74,000 Mac-specific lines of code have been written with a whopping 29 developer builds launched. The project generated a spectacular 1177 Mac-specific bugs which have been fixed and more than 60 people carried out the process of building it from scratch.

Our Comments

Chrome currently only occupies a tiny fraction of the total browser marketshare worldwide - something like four percent - which in absolute terms is exceptionally good compared to say Opera Software. But then, Chrome is build by Google, the world's largest search engine.

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