Google Rolls Out Real Time Search Feature

In a bid to increase its dominance in the search engine market, Google has announced its intention to offer real-time search results which will include live updates of breaking news, tweets and blog content pertaining to the search queries.

The real-time search services will be made available for users from today worldwide and the roll out will be completed by Tuesday end. Google has collaborated with Twitter to access the microblogging's services feeds and will also incorporate Facebook and MySpace updates in its search results in a couple of weeks.

The real-time search results have been possible by years of technological advances and the growth of the cloud computing sector which allows huge computer resources scattered across the web to be tapped by search engines.

Interestingly, it seems that search engines are finally waking up to the concept of Twitter ‘journalism’. Expressing her satisfaction at the development, Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice president for search products and user experience, mentioned that Google has realised the importance of an event being reported through live-feeds via tweets from eye-witnesses and has quickly taped into its potential.

The search-engine pioneer also announced "Google Goggles" for smartphones based on its Android Operating Systems which will allow users to perform visual search of images which are clicked by their phone cameras.

The company also launched a revamped version of Google Voice Search which can now be used as a linguistic translator.

Our Comments

Google Real Time Search is one of the most important changes that has happened to Google over the past few years; it has the capacity to fundamentally change the way we look for news and information as it happens. Unfortunately, there's not much it can do when it comes to historical data.

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