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IBM Hosted Tivoli Solution Goes Live

International Business Machines (IBM) has rolled out the hosted version of its Tivoli monitoring software for mid level companies that prefer to subscribe for a monitoring service rather than licensing it for on-premises use.

The monitoring service is called Tivoli Live Monitoring Services which allows companies to monitor 25 to 500 IT resources like servers, OS, software, hardware and virtual machines. The monitoring service is specifically focuses towards mid-sized companies or departments in large organisations.

Tivoli Live Monitoring Services is designed to alert businesses whenever a vital application slows down or is about to crash. This is done by immediately sending an alert to the IT staff and comes in 2 versions.

The first one comes with a subscription fee of $58 per month per resource. The service also comes with software agents who monitor operating systems, virtual machines and applications.

The second service, which doesn’t offers software agents, has a subscription of $44 per month per resource. However, both the services come with set-up fee of $6,500 per customer.

IBM is also offering historical data for tasks like troubleshooting and capacity planning for an extra $15 per resource per month. Tivoli Live Monitoring Services are currently being offered in US, U.K, Australia, New Zealand along with Hong Kong and Singapore in Asia.

Our Comments

There's a fundamental paradigm shift taking place even in the corporate business markets with many now opting or even demanding hosted solutions that improve their ROI and decrease their initial investments as well as improve availability and efficiency.

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