Keep your mobile safe at concerts

The UK’s top police force caution concert-goers that the risk of phone theft after filming a favourite band is vastly increased. Criminal gangs are believed to be targeting gigs and stealing high-end mobiles to order. Victims often assume it’s a casual loss, so the real extent of the problem may not be fully realised.

The Metropolitan Police based National Mobile Phone Crime Unit is working with concert venues and local police in London and other parts of the country to combat the crime and raise public awareness. "A lot of people like to use their mobile phones to film or take photographs of the concert, but will then return the phone to an insecure bag or pocket, where thieves are able to snatch it”, warns NMPC head, Detective Superintendent Nev Nolan.

All mobile carriers promote entertainment events, and nobody wants to spoil the experience or cause unnecessary worry. But a gentle caution to have fun while staying phone safe would be well placed.

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