Opera 10.10 Browser Sets New World Record

The latest iteration of the Opera web browser has set a new download record with over 12 million downloads in the very first week of its launch.

The new Opera 10.10 apparently promises to ‘re-invent the web’ by offering a new range of free-to-use services that enhances the surfing experience of its users.

The first in its line-up of new features is Opera Unite, which allows the user to turn his computer into a personal web server. Unite, then allows the user to share files, listen to music, post content and upload photographs in a "revolutionary" way.

The next best feature is the Opera Turbo, which enhances the browser speed by compressing network traffic. Turbo incidentally uses a server-side optimization and compression technology but can have some adverse effect when used in

Expressing is enthusiasm over the phenomenal download figures, Jon Von Tetzchner, the CEO of Opera Software mentioned that Opera 10.10 has tapped the needs of the web-using public and offers technology which no other browser currently offers.

He also added that Opera Unite will eradicate a number of misconceptions about web-usage. Opera browsers can today be found in over 45 million desktop PCs around the world and it is also popular on devices such as mobile phones, gaming consoles, TV and media players.

Our Comments

Unite could potentially become a complete solution by itself one soon. This means that we could have yet another operating system + browser system running by next year. The other party is of course Google Chrome and Chrome OS which is on target for a 2010 launch.

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