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VMWare In Danger Of Losing Marketshare Finds Research Paper

A recent study encompassing the ongoing trends in the virtualisation sphere has claimed that VMware, in spite of its dominant position, is gradually losing grounds to rival players, including Microsoft, Citrix, as well as Red Hat.

The study from the analyst firm "The Info Pro" has revealed that VMware still holds the top spot in the virtualisation domains, but IT professionals are gradually becoming keen to explore the alternatives being offered by rival companies.

According to Bob Gill, the manager director for the server research for The Info Pro, VMware still holds a significant lead over its rivals in the virtualisation market, and its future product line-up too seems to be more promising than that of any of its competitors.

However, the study found an increasing number of IT administrators admitted to having tested the alternative to VMware products, with some of those even thought of deploying those.

In terms of figures, around 75 percent of the IT administrators surveyed were using VMware products, whereas two-thirds of the respondents have already tried an alternative to it.

And out of these two-thirds, a not so insignificant 27 percent claimed that they intended to deploy the alternative solution, while 20 percent said they were considering the option of deployment.

Citing the same, Gill said in a statement: “Some people are basically saying, ‘I’ve invested in VMware, but I’m not so far down the path where if someone came to me with something more interesting, we would go with it”.

Our Comments

It is perhaps the growing needs of server virtualisation technology in data centres that is actually drawing the interests of IT administrators towards considering other available solutions. And it is competition and rivals that make a market thriving by encouraging all actors to take part in research and development.

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