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VMWare Introduces Virtualisation Solution For Mobile Platforms

VMware has unveiled plans for developing a new virtualisation platform that will enable a smartphone to run two operating systems at the same time.

The company plans to run a work profile and home profile on the same phone at the same time, allowing the user to quickly switch between the two at the click of a button.

The developers of the California-based company are still working on certain details like how to switch between applications and identify phone calls.

However, they believe that applications can be switched by clicking a particular button dedicated to one OS. The identification of calls can be done by applying different ring tones for calls from work and calls from home.

VMware spokesman Srinivas Krishnamurti told ComputerWorld that the company is looking to take smartphone visualisation beyond the current dual-boot technology. He said that the users will be able to make calls from either OS profile which will be ‘live’ at the same time.

Interestingly, VMware has demonstrated on both Android and Windows Mobile smartphones which have 128MB Ram. However, the company said that 256MB RAM would be ideal.

VMware is currently in the middle of talks with US, Australian and European wireless carriers to develop prototype models using this technology. The company plans to start beta testing in 2011 and will initiate mass production of the devices in 2012.

Our Comments

This is some awesome solution and will surely make a splash in the market when it is launched. 256MB RAM will be the norm by next year and there are many smartphones - like the Acer Liquid - that have nearly twice the amount of RAM available for such a platform.

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