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Dell Revenues From Twitter Sales Hit $6.5 Million

In an astounding revelation, leading US computer maker Dell has announced that it has raked in around $6.5 million through sales of PCs, software applications, and related accessories using the microblogging website Twitter as its advertising platform.

The company has done extremely well in terms of exploiting the promotional power of the microblogging website, as back in the month of June, Dell rang up a total of $3 million from its advertising activities on the website. Incidentally, the company somehow managed to double this figure in only six months.

Manish Mehta, vice-president of Dell, has told Bloomberg that in the past three months alone, the number of followers of the Dell’s Twitter account, known as DellOutlet, has been increased by a notable 23 percent. Dell's main twitter account has only 1700 uers whilst its Dell Outlet has nearly 1.5 million followers.

Unlike other firms, Dell has made this smart move of making Twitter an integral component of its promotional drive, and as a result, it has been making millions in revenues.

Extolling Twitter in helping companies to reach out to a wide potential customer base, Mehta said in a statement: “It's a very vibrant channel for us and it's growing aggressively. It's not just our reach and growth that has progressed, it's that it's happening globally”.

Our Comments

One has to wonder whether sooner or later Twitter will not get Dell to pay some pretty penny for all that traffic it generates. After all, if Twitter is generating so much revenues for the Austin-based company, then it is only fair from Dell gives Twitter a fraction of the sales.

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