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Microsoft Forms Strategic Partnership With NetApp

Microsoft Corp. and data storage expert NetApp have joined their efforts to form a new strategic collaboration tailored to come up with cutting-edge virtualised server environments and technology integration.

The new joint venture, established for a period of three years, will see the two tech giants joining their forces for a broad range of aspects, including enhanced product collaboration and technical integration.

Additionally, the two firms will also beef up their efforts surrounding sales and marketing of products developed under the new joint venture. The formal partnership between Microsoft and NetApp doesn’t come as a big surprise for Silicon Valley, as the two companies have been collaborating for a few years already.

The software giant pitches hopes that such a partnership with NetApp will help it to serve the industry with better offerings in the virtualisation, in addition to delivering better and innovative solutions in the spheres of cloud computing, data management, and storage.

The two companies vowed that the products developed under the partnership will not only score high on helping businesses to bolster up their efficiencies, but also significantly trim the costs down.

Discussing the same, Bob Kelly, corporate VP for Servers and Tools Business at Microsoft, said in a statement: “Microsoft is committed to driving highly scalable dynamic datacenter solutions with innovative partners like NetApp”.

Our Comments

Microsoft is quietly placing its pawns on the virtualisation chess board. NetApp is a formidable partner and one which could help Microsoft extend its reach. The agreement will only last three years but is likely to be extended afterwards.

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