Mozilla Debuts Third Iteration Of Thunderbird Email Client

Mozilla Messaging, the wholly owned subsidiary of browser-maker Mozilla, has dished out a brand new iteration of its email client, Thunderbird, which promises to offer improved performance along with better stability and web compatibility.

Thunderbird 3.0, the free-for-download alternative to Microsoft's popular Outlook, has a host of much-warranted improvements including tabbed user interface which allow the user to open a message in a new tab by pressing enter or double-clicking the message.

The email client also comes with better search filtering options which allow its users to search messages on the basis of sender, recipient and attachments and thus quickly access the data they are looking for.

It also stores the messages on a virtual folder allowing them to be viewed on a timeline line tool which shows message arrival details quite neatly on a bar-graph; a very useful addition.

Mozilla Messaging boss David Ascher said that "Thunderbird 3 continues its history of giving users the most flexibility and control to get through their email faster and have it simply work the way they want it to " the Register has reported.

Thunderbird 3.0, which is based on Mozilla’s Gecko 1.9.1 engine, will be looking to provide better integration with Google’s Gmail for its users. The email client can be downloaded here.

Our Comments

Mozilla is alive and kicking and the latest version of Thunderbird indicates that the not-for-profit organisation will not go down without a fight. That said, more and more people are actually leaving their email clients and use web-based clients altogether. That's a trend that will make email clients obsolete in a not-so-distant future.

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