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Sony Ericsson Releases Firmware Updates For Aino & Satio

With an eye on resolving a number of technical issues that have cropped up in its much vaunted Satio and Aino smartphones, beleaguered smartphone manufacturer Sony Ericsson has come up with software updates for both the phones.

Both the Satio and Aino have recently been experiencing several software-related glitches and Sony Ericsson had to face further embarrassment when two major UK mobile phone retailers, Phones 4U and Carphone Warehouse, pulled Satio off their shelves following complaints from their customers.

Now, Sony Ericsson seems to have dealt with the issue by dishing out software updates for both Satio and Aino. Moreover, Satio is back on sale at Phones 4U.

The leading mobile maker said in a statement "Sony Ericsson UK and Ireland is pleased to confirm that new software is now available for both Satio and Aino via (opens in new tab)".

The company also said that the existing Satio and Aino users can now enjoy improved handset speeds and battery usage, confirming that the update fixes previous software issues.

Interestingly, a post on the Sony Ericson blog reports that Satio will enjoy better system stability apart from getting rid of its freezing problems through the software update. Aino, on the other hand, will enjoy lower battery consumption and improved GPS, WLAN and Bluetooth apart from a new game, Loco Roco.

The trading director of Phones 4U, the UK retailer that has resumed the sale of Sony Ericsson Satio, said that the retailer has resumed the sale of updated Satio phone from 4th December.

Scott Hooton also added that the phone had seen strong sales figures over the weekend which will continue all through out the Christmas trading period.

Our Comments

It is critical that Sony Ericsson put records straight simply because the company could have lost millions of pounds worth of sales during the crucial Christmas period. Let's hope that no other grey clouds come to bother Sony Ericsson; 2010 looks to be even more interesting for the company as it prepares to launch its first Android-based phone.

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