Top 10 Christmas Budget Tech Deals Under £10

Christmas is just behind the door and with it, the obligatory Secret Santa tradition where you must buy a gift (usually around £10) and give it to someone in the office.

Well, since here at, we're set to undergo that process over the next few days, we've put together a list of 10 technology deals and gadgets available for under a tenner, in most cases with delivery.

You won't believe what £10 can get you these days; a mobile phone, a large digital photo frame, MP3 player with copious capacity and much more.

The Nokia 1208 from Prepaymania is certainly not the most elegant phone around but it will come handy as an emergency handset (for e.g. when your main mobile phone is lost).

At only £9.99 including delivery and a £5 top up on T-Mobile, there's not much to write home about. It has three games, a colour screen, can be used as a flashlight and most importantly, can withstand some serious mishandling by co-workers.

Making sure your computer is secure could be one of your next year's resolutions and you can buy peace of mind for three computers until December 2011 with this AVG Internet Security 8.0 bundle for three seats (upgradable to version 9.0) available for only £10.99 + P&P from Bigpockets.

With its patent pending 'Real Time' technology, AVG will be "protecting you from threats and exploits, with software that won't slow you down". It is slightly more expensive than our £10 budget can afford but it is well worth it.

The Sony MDR-EX33 is sound to our ears. At £9.99 at, Sony's entry level in ear high performance headphones won't break the bank and is half price compared to Argos.

Their rubbery finish might not appeal to everyone but you can't beat their value-for-money factor when it comes to replace a broken or lost pair of earphones presto... and the delivery is free.

Still at is this superb Sovos 2.4-inch Fridge Magnet digital photo frame, on sale for only £8.99. Apart from the fact that it quotes a battery life of four hours (surely must be more than that), this digital photo frame has adjustable brightness & contrast and can store up to 27 photos in its tiny memory.

It comes complete with a removable black frame surround together with two frame stands that allow you to mount the digital photo frame on a desktop or table.

MP3 players are rapidly disappearing thanks to the rise of smartphones which, in many cases, integrate media playing capabilities. However, you will be hard pressed to find a MP3 player like the Foehn & Hirsch Froggi.

This pink 2GB MP3 player costs a mere £9.99 and is just a bit different from others. It is small enough to be carried around anywhere, comes with an internal rechargeable battery and even sports a single OLED display.

Looking for a cheap and portable storage device? Then why not choose the Kingston DataTraveler 100. This 8GB USB Flash drive can be had from Amazon for only £8.38 + P&P.

Not only does this peripheral come from a well known storage company, it is also certified for Windows Vista and comes with a five year warranty. The device is fast enough for most transactions and its slim profile and sturdy build means that it will safely store your data.

If you're planning to give a mobile phone related gift, then you can't go wrong with these two Pama products from 7dayshop. The first one is a mobile phone Bluetooth hands free headset from their Ellipse range.

It comes with last number redial wit one touch button, up to four hours talk time or 100 hours standby time plus a range of up to 10 meters. It comes with a travel charger and other accessories.

Add this mobile phone universal charger that can even charge an Amazon Kindle ebook reader or an iPod Touch. The Chargetube is a convenient portable emergency charger that runs on a single AA battery; the device comes with a number of adapters which make it compatible with the majority of mobile phones on the market. Grab both of them for £9.98, a smidgen under our £10 budget.

Everyone in the office at Netcommunities Towers has an iPhone so this bundle; again from 7dayshop, should put a smile on someone's face.

There's two top quality silicone cases (one black and one clear) that will not only provide with an improved grip but also give better impact protection for your iPhone.

Next is a 12v/24v car charger for your favourite smartphone. It offers a two hour full charge from a flat battery and comes with a LED power indicator. The accessory is compatible with all the three generations of iPhone that came out since 2007.

The last piece of gadget is a Neoprene stretchy armband which is ideal to carry your iPhone around when doing your morning jogging (just make sure you don't get mugged). The armband will protect your iPhone from scratches, dirt, greast, fingerprint, bird poo and more. Grab all three for £9.97 including delivery; what a bargain!

We've kept the best for last though. Available from Morgancomputers is a four-piece bundle comprising of a webcam, a USB LED Xmas Tree, a 1GB USB Drive and a pink Digital photo keyring, all for the princely sum of only £9.96.

The flash drive comes with a five year warranty and is a bog standard model with a swivel design that means you won't lose the device's cap.

The digital photo frame keyring has a one-inch screen size and can hold up to 70 images on its onboard memory. The images are shown in a slide show by default.

The USB Led Xmas Tree has changing colours and the fact that it's only 10cm high means that it won't take over your desk. No installation or batteries are requires and this wonderful gadget is compatible with any computer with a USB port.

The webcam is a Labtec model with a 0.1-megapixel resolution with manual focus adjustments and connects via a USB interface to your computer.