£153 Panasonic BD60EB Blu-ray Disc Player + 8 Blu-ray Movies

Outstanding high definition picture quality is only the start of the Blu-ray revolution; Blu-ray technology also enables a new range of exciting and interactive entertainment possibilities.

If you have ever wanted to watch your favourite film with the director or lead actor explaining significant moments in the film, BonusView is your backstage pass to the world behind the silver screen.

The ‘Picture-in-Picture’ functionality provides a second small window which can be watched simultaneously on the screen in where, by example, actors and directors can give enhanced commentary about the scene you are watching;

Whilst the ‘Audio-Mixing’ function lets you choose the soundtrack you would like to listen to: the one from the content playing in the main window, the one from the small second window, or both at the same time. BonusView allows you to truly direct your own entertainment experience.

This whole new generation of bonus material is made possible through the advanced Blu-ray hardware ‘profiles’ which enable interactive functions.

BonusView is the first of advanced profile, utilising 256MB local storage (used for storing audio/visual and title updates) and also secondary video and audio decoders, which is typically to allow Picture-in-Picture interactive audio and commentary.

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