£97 Philips BDP3000/05 Blu-ray Disc Player

Sleek in a glossy black finish, the Philips BDP3000/05 Blu-ray disc player looks as good as the images it produces. You might even revisit some of the old classics you haven’t watched in a while!

When watching a Blu-ray disc, clever 1080/24p technology ensures you see the movie just as the director intended – at the original 24 frames per second - when connected to a compatible 1080p TV.

And there’s no need to throw away your standard definition DVDs: the Philips BDP3000/05's upscale feature processes them to give a high definition look, so you’ll still enjoy viewing your existing movie collection.

For an equally thrilling audio experience you can connect the player to your compatible surround sound amplifier, and enjoy immersive Dolby TrueHD high fidelity 7.1 surround sound.

Connect the BDP3000/05 to the internet via its Ethernet port and you’ll experience even more functionality and fun. There’s the BD Live profile for a start.

Depending on the pre-recorded Blu-ray disc, when your player is connected to the internet you can download a variety of up-to-date content (e.g. refreshed previews and special exclusives).

Imagine downloading wallpaper and ringtones relating to the action movie you’re watching, or taking part in a live online event relating to your favourite sci-fi film?

Buy the Blu-ray player from John Lewis for £97 and get a free two year warranty.