Facebook Asks 350 Million Users To Update Their Privacy Settings

As promised in a grand missive from Mark Zuckerberg to all 350 million Facebook users, the social networking site is upgrading its privacy settings to allow its users to have enhanced control over the content they want to share on the platform.

After the revamp, the users of the world’s largest social networking platform will be asked to review their privacy settings in order to make their content accessible to the approved users only.

Announcing the same, Elliot Schrage, Facebook’s VP of communications, public-policy, and marketing, said: “Facebook is transforming the world’s ability to control its information online by empowering people to personalise the audience for each piece of content they share”.

The company noted that it’s bringing upon the stated modifications in its response to requests from both industry experts and users.

Incidentally, last week, the company’s founder and chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, sent out a letter to the entire user-base of the website, discussing a series of changes that are there in the offing.

In the coming days, users will be provided with a specialised “transition tool” to help them through the procedure of assessing and updating their privacy settings. That’s not just it, as new users will further be made to learn more about privacy settings after they get done with the sign up procedure.

Our Comments

The amount of details that can be mined on social networking networks is simply mind-boggling and is a gold mine for the advertisers and marketers. Facebook is leading the way amongst social networks to improve the way its users handle their details to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

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