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Google Gives One Million Free Wave Invites

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After dishing out 100,000 ‘preview release’ invitations for its web-based communication tool Google Wave in September, Google, the California-based search engine giant, has extended the invitation to 1 million new users to try out the much-hyped software platform.

Initially launched only for developers, the personal communication and collaboration tool has been causing ripples all over the internet world by its unique technology that allows users to communicate in ‘real-time’, a feature which was recently introduced by Google in its search engine.

Wave has been designed by Google to deliver email, instant messaging, wikis and social networking on one web-based platform. The new Google offering will help people, who are sitting in different parts of the world, work on a single document or file on the same time.

Interestingly, creating a wave is fairly easy as all a user has to do is click on ‘new wave’ button on the interface. Users can then start typing and adding widgets or inviting contacts which are only limited to other wave users as of now.

However, the software doesn’t allow the users to remove a contact from the wave once it is added. With Google now opening up the much vaunted platform, many more technology enthusiasts can look forward to using the technological marvel.

Our Comments

Waves, which are described by Google as "equal parts conversation and document”, are in fact XML documents which are easily modified. The ‘contributors’ to a wave can reply anywhere within the message or edit any part of the wave. They can also add participants at any point during the wave.

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