HTC 2010 line up is widely leaked

The HTC 2010 line up has been widely leaked, with photos security-stamped ‘T-Mobile NatCo Day’, so that have all been lifted from promotional material. We will see five new Android and three Windows Mobile devices reporting for duty.

Team Android hit the consumer ground fighting, led by the 1GHz Bravo, with an internal Snapdragon processor and showing of a glorious 3.7 inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. Taking point are the social network champions, the Salsa and Tide, pre loaded with Flickr, Twitter and facebook (plus one I hadn’t heard of before, Friendstream). Firmly entrenched in the middle ground (maybe tossing grenades, does that sound military?) will stand the Legend and Buzz, application phones for user customisation.

The WinMo Squad are more covert-ops, named the Photon, Trophy and Terra with a focus on productivity for the business market. All very suave in black, the Photon is touchscreen, the Trophy is portrait-QWERTY and the Terra is a side slider.

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