IBM Launches Cloud Computing Lab In Asia

With an eye on improving its cloud computing offerings, International Business Machines (IBM) has opened a new lab in Hong Kong which will add to its existing China Development Lab (CDL) that has more than 5000 developers working under one roof.

The New York based technology giant said that the cloud computing lab in Hong Kong is a service and development arm which will primarily focus on development, testing, technical support and services delivery of LotusLive messaging.

Interestingly, the lab, which is the tenth addition to Big Blue’s line-up of cloud computing labs worldwide, builds on the email technology and expertise of Outblaze, a Hong Kong based company which was included in the Lotus brand when it was acquired by IBM earlier this year.

The new center in Hong Kong, apart from developing cloud computing technology, will also be focusing on the development of Web 2.0 technologies along with integrating technology with businesses that will seek to transform worldwide communication and collaboration, increasing efficiency and reducing costs in the process.

Dominic Tong, General Manager, IBM China/Hong Kong Limited, speaking at the official opening ceremony of the lab said that the opening of the cloud computing lab was a milestone not only for IBM but also for the IT industry in Hong Kong.

Our Comments

Big Blue is already eyeing the post-recession period when Asian countries will be slowly overtaking Western countries like the US or United Kingdom. Already businesses worldwide are adopting cloud computing - either from Salesforce, Google or a slew of other vendors, at a faster rate.

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