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London Pupils Get Free iPhone To Learn

As smartphones continue to transform into hand-held computers, it was about time that educators decided to implement the technology in classrooms; Gumley House Convent School in West London has done just that by dishing out 30 Apple iPhones to pupils studying in the school.

The smartphones come loaded with a £15 credit that will allow them to download apps which will help them learn. It is likely that they will need to top up every few months.

The initiative is a part of a study to understand the potential of using the iPhone as a teaching aid. With the help of popular software available on the iPhone app store, students are likely get help with studying subjects like GCSE History, Algebra, Bible studies and Maths.

However, Facebook is not allowed during classes and the phone volume must be off all the time, according to Assistant Headteacher, Stephen Byrne. He also added that that spot-checks were performed regularly to see what the students are downloading.

Apparently, iTunes vouchers will be given away to students who contribute the most by providing constructive data for the study which is being performed by Michael Gibson from Kingston University.

The students, however, will be paying up for any calls they make from their iPhone as rest of the bill will be paid by Brentford City Learning Centre.

Our Comments

NHS Patients may get The Nintendo Wii Console to improve their health (as will obese people it seems) while criminals get free Playstation console when they stay out of trouble in prison. The good thing though is that these products are readily available off the shelf and that the UK government doesn't need to invest millions in research and development.

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