Orange App Shop join the virtual High Street

Orange, France Telecom’s mobile brand name, yesterday opened its own virtual property in the online world for downloading applications. Joining rivals such as Android Market, Blackberry App World, and the massive iPhone App Store, the exciting new multi-platform vendor is imaginatively named Application Shop.

The software will begin to appear on Orange branded handsets from January, allowing users to browse some 5000 applications, games, ringtones, wallpapers and themes at launch.

"Mobile apps are redefining how people experience the internet on mobile phones," said Christophe Francois, the head of Orange's Technocentre development team. "We're not doing this to counter Apple, in fact we think it is complementary," said Francois. "Not everyone has an iPhone so we want our App Store to serve people with other kinds of handsets."

Immediately available in the UK and France, other Orange Natcos will gain access in a roll out over 2010. Can you believe it’s almost 2010?

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