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Tesco Mobile To Offer UK's Cheapest PAYG iPhone Tariff

Supermarket giant Tesco will start shipping its iPhone on Monday and is set to offer the best pay as you go tariff on the iconic Apple smartphone in the country although the initial price of the phones are exactly the same as O2.

This is not surprising given that O2 provides the network and backend support for Tesco Mobile. At £342, £440 and £538, users can also stand to collect double Clubcard points when purchasing their iPhone and save £20 when they spend £40 in store

This offers the tantalising prospect of adding a whopping 2000 bonus points when using the code TDX-L53R and could mean a whopping 3076 points for the 32GB iPhone 3GS. That's equivalent to more than £120 worth of Clubcard rewards, enough to buy you one return flight ticket to Amsterdam.

As for O2, Tesco will be offering free Web and WiFi (including BT Openzone WiFi) for 12 months plus special packages like half price to the five most dialled numbers (10p per min and 5p per text) and triple credit for £15 or more top ups.

On top of that, users will get three Clubcard points for each pound worth of top up; therefore a customer spending £15 per month (or £180 per year) would get an additional 540 points. Users can find out more at (opens in new tab).

Our Comments

Tesco is the surprise iPhone player in 2009 and will surely bring a bit more competition to an otherwise bland landscape. Well done to the biggest supermarket in the UK and let's see whether they will be able to provide with enough stock from Monday.

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