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Twitter Developer Conference To Come In 2010

Twitter, the popular social networking website, has announced at the Le Web 2009 in Paris that the company will be hosting its first ever app developer conference, Chirp, in the city of San Francisco, USA in coming year.

The micro-blogging giant has posted the announcement on ‘’ which asks the interested applicants to provide their email address for direct communication.

Ryan Sarver, Twitter's director of platform, said during the web conference that since 2007, when Twitter had only one application, the website had registered 50,000 applications till date, Techcrunch has reported.

The number is likely to grow as Twitter has plans to unleash its fire hose feature on developers which will allow them to get full access to Twitter’s data stream.

Interestingly, the website, which started out as a side business, has also promised to a site dedicated to Twitter developers and offer support for browser-less applications.

Since the launch of Twitter, the website, apart from being a major social messaging platform, has also emerged as an important business tools as many businesses have started using Twitter in order to publicise their organisations or promote products which are manufactured by them.

Some application developers have made a significant amount of money by tailoring their applications for the Twitter platform. So now it seems that Twitter wants to tap-in into the profits by concentrating more on apps that can make money.

Our Comments

Dell made $6.5 million worth of sales on Twitter alone. While this is only a tiny fraction of the overall revenue of the Austin-based manufacturer, it shows the potential that Twitter has as a major transactional platform. It will be interesting to see whether Twitter will be by this time next year.

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