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Amazon Preparing Streaming Service With Disc+ On Demand

With an eye on the holiday season, Amazon, the online retail giant, has rolled out a brand new “limited time only” service called Disc+ On Demand.

This will enable the consumer to download the digital version of the movies that they have purchased on Blue-ray or DVD from the website. The digital copy of the film can be downloaded for instant viewing on a MAC, PC, TiVo or Roku.

However, Amazon only has a catalogue of 300 Blu-ray or DVDs available for the Disc+ On Demand service and the Disc+ On Demand downloads come only in standard definition rather than the popular HD quality.

Moreover, the downloads will be similar to Amazon’s video on-demand service, which means that the terms of use will only allow a 24 hour-30 day limit for viewing the video and users will require to have a US address because of licensing issues.

In spite of these limitations, Amazon’s Disc+ On Demand service promises to instigate a change in the way people view media. Recently, due to increasing popularity of online video services like YouTube and downloadable digital media, DVD sales have gone down significantly.

However, Amazon new move might come as a blessing for DVD sales if as the new service is capable of luring customers with instant gratification without having to wait for the DVD to be delivered.

Our Comments

The big attraction to customers will be the fact that they can get the best of both worlds. Watch the movies instantly (rather than having to wait for days for them to come) and secondly, they can get the DVDs later in the post and watch the movies at a later stage.

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