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Apple Set To Debut Web-based iTunes After Lala Acquisition

Apple Inc has firmed up its plans to develop a browser-based version of iTunes which will allow users to store their media purchases online rather than store them on their computer, the Wall Street Journal has reported.

Earlier this year, the company headed by CEO Steve Jobs, acquired Lala Media Inc and rumors are adrift that Apple plans to develop the new iTunes on the lines of the web-based music player which was built by Lala.

The slogan on the homepage of Lala Media is “All the music you could ever want, playable in a Web browser.”

It is interesting to note that if Apple rolls out a browser version of iTunes, users will be able to access their iTunes library from almost any PC or notebook instead of having their iTunes library confined only to one machine.

The users’ media and video files will stored on Apple servers rather on their own computers which might be seen as a more elegant solution for content producers as they tackle piracy.

With the all new iTunes, which was first launched six years ago, users will not have to make back-ups of their files as their media horde will be safe in Apple’s servers, even if a desktop or a laptop is stolen, destroyed or lost.

Moreover, iTunes users won’t have to worry about the disk space as Apple, just like Gmail, will be able to decide how much space a user can use for storing media files.

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However, the web-based iTunes will require a constant internet connection to run, which is not possible for everybody and on top of that, a browser version of the celebrated media player might have a slow interface and less features than its desktop counter part.

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