Google Updates Signature iPhone App

Google has rolled out an update for its immensely popular iPhone app which promises to enhance the Google experience on the iPhone; some of the previous features of the Google app have been improved while a host of new ones have been added.

The most interesting update has been to the Voice Search application which will allow users to choose their language and accent. The languages and accents supported by the app include English, Mandarin and Japanese and voice Search will also support the Australian accent as well.

The update will also provide a new setting which will allow the user to tweak the user interface of the application. In addition users will be able to access the websites from the application itself which will result in better and faster “Google search experience” besides facilitating more search results to be displayed on the screen.

The update will also allow the users to customise the application in a better way and they can change the skin to any color of their choice. The faster, newer generation iPhones can also access ‘live waveform’ which displays a wave form when Voice search is accessed.

Our Comments

Google is not leaving any stones unturned in its systematic approach to cover the whole of the market. The latest version of the Google iPhone App is currently available on the iTunes app store for free.

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