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Internet Radio Listening Booming Says Rajar

Internet radio has apparently emerged as a saviour for an erstwhile moribund UK radio industry, as a recent research claimed that as much as one-third of the adult population in the country have logged on to the internet to tune into their favourite radio stations.

A bi-annual research report from ‘Radio Joint Audio Research Limited’, better known as “Rajar”, has revealed that a massive 17.9 million UK adults have used the internet to listen to radio stations, registering a notable rise from 16.9 million in the month of May, and 14.5 million around one and a half year ago.

Of these, around 13.9 UK people claimed to have listened to the BBC’s “Listen Again” services, whereas nearly 8.1 million listeners download podcasts, the research report added.

Furthermore, 75 percent of these podcast listeners subscribed using iTunes, but only five percent of them have ever paid for a podcast.

In addition, the number of people listening to personalised internet radio services, including Spotify and, has significantly soared to 4.5 million, up by 15.4 percent from May, and a massive 55.2 percent from October 2008.

Attributing this significant rise to the rapid development in broadband technology, Christel Lacaze from Rajar said: “People are online more and they have access to faster and better broadband. Listening to the radio online is easy and it can be done while surfing the web and doing other things”.

Our Comments

Internet did not kill the radio star nor did illegal downloads or piracy. Traditional radio is on the wane but still provides local communities and small businesses with a vital medium. Radio will not die anytime soon, instead it will hum along quietly as it has always done.

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