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Rise In London Drivers Using Mobile Phones While Driving

According to a recent survey by Transport Research Lab, motorists in London are now more likely to use mobile phones while driving, despite a £60 fine, the risk of losing three points on their driving license and other strict laws that have been put in place to curtail such behavior.

The findings of the study reveal that the number of offending drivers, which is inclusive of car, taxi and van drivers, have seen a steep rise between 2008 and 2009.

This is much higher than those reported in the 2006 survey, the year before stricter penalties were introduced for talking while driving behind a wheel in February 2007.

The 2006 survey showed that 2.6 percent drivers talked on the mobile while driving, the number dropped in 2007 to 1.4 percent because of the fine. However, this years study showed a whooping 2.8 percent of the drivers broke the law.

The head of the AA (Automobile Association), a British motoring organisation, Edmund King, expressing his shock over the results of the study mentioned that the figures indicated a low enforcement of the law.

He added that according to the study, a person is 4 times more likely to have an accident if he/she is driving while talking on the mobile.

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The study, which was performed on behalf of Transport for London by the TRL, had observed 11,851 cars and taxis and 2,410 vans at 33 sites across the capital. The gender of the driver and approximate age were also noted down. Men aged between 30-59 years were most likely to break the law while woman aged 60 and above were least likely to do so.

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