Sanyo 3810

Here’s a video review from Phone Scoop of the Sanyo 3810. I wanted to show you a different brand, and to highlight some of youth-orientated comments from YouTube, which entertained me. Azkid1425 didn’t even thing his Mom would use it - she’d graduated to an N97, bmw1186 labelled it; “a phone for old people”, and callmemarc said; “Welcome to the year 2002”.

What the Kids are missing, is that this isn’t a phone for them. The age of users in the developed world is increasing, so there’s a demand for phones that are easy to answer, not fiddly and that can be put into a simple list-view mode for those confused by icons. Almost opposite in demographics, the exploding youth population of the developing world don’t have a whole bunch of money to spend on high-end designer tech and face horrendous rates of phone crime. This creates a perfect niche for low-cost, well designed devices with large buttons and longer battery lives.

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