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UK Businesses Hampered By Broadband Issues

While broadband is becoming increasingly crucial for a majority of the business organisations in the UK, a sizeable proportion are still encountering issues pertaining to broadband speeds and connectivity, a recent research from Ofcom revealed.

The annual report from the communication watchdog, dubbed as “The Business Consumer Experience Research Report 2009”, showed that out of total 1,200 British business firms surveyed, more than a quarter have reported broadband reliability issues.

This has prompted around 24 percent of the businesses to either switch their fixed or mobile broadband connection provider in the last four years, the report added.

In addition, 15 percent of the respondents expressed discontent with their mobile connections, whereas 23 percent businesses were not exactly happy with the current internet connections.

The result incited Ofcom to make it a priority to understand the reasons behind mobile and broadband ‘not-spots’ as part of its draft Annual Plan for 2010/11.

The report further suggested that UK consumers are now switching towards low-priced broadband deals, as around 35 percent of the consumers who took the survey admitted opting for cheaper broadband deals, registering a rise of 12 percent from a year back.

However, UK consumers’ satisfaction levels with the broadband services have risen considerably over the past year.

Consumer ISPs, like O2, are now resorting to creative marketing solutions like giving away free broadband for a few months in a bid to convince users to subscribe to them.

Our Comments

Citing the same, the report mentioned: “Our research identifies that most business users are satisfied with their overall service and the value for money received, as well as with other aspects such as availability and range of services”.

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