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Vodafone Cans HTC HD2 To Make Way For iPhone?

Vodafone has silently ejected the promising HTC HD2 smartphone despite what it says were massive amount of consumer interest for the smartphone that has some of the best hardware specifications on the market.

A spokesperson for the company told Electricpig that "We are not re-stocking the HTC HD2 for general consumer sales once current stock runs out. We have had a massive amount of interest in it, and our initial stock sold out quickly."

He added that "Subsequent deliveries have been used to fulfil backorders, but we are not looking to re-stock the device". Vodafone has not confirmed why it would can the HD2 despite only introducing it back in November and selling out on the Windows Mobile phone.

Rumour has it though that Apple might not be innocent in Vodafone's move as the latter prepares the launch of the iPhone next year and any credible rival might hamper the success of the smartphone, translating into less than stellar sales figures.

The HTC HD2 is still on offer at T-Mobile and O2 for £34.26 per month on a two year contract.

Our Comments

This could be a very bad decision for Vodafone as it would send a bad message to mobile phone manufacturers who might feel that they are treated differently compared to Apple's iPhone. Doing so encourages some sort of mono culture environment that's detrimental to competition.

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Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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