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Yahoo Follows Google With Twitter Real Time Search Integration

In an attempt to stay on par with Google, the search engine behemoth, Yahoo Inc has rolled out its very own integration of Twitter with its search results which will show relevant ‘tweets’ pertaining to the search query.

The California based internet giant made the announcement on the Yahoo Search Blog on Thursday and mentioned that whenever there is a spike in interest in a topic, the search engine will display relevant ‘tweets’ on its search results page as a part of Yahoo! News shortcut or on the Twitter section.

Interestingly, the entry of Yahoo in the ‘real time’ search domain has not come as a big surprise as earlier this week Google Inc announced that its search results will incorporate feeds from social networking sites like Twitter and FriendFeed along with news results from some major news websites and blogs.

Moreover, it has been revealed that Yahoo and Microsoft have joined hands to challenge Google's position of dominance in the internet search engine market by signing a long term contract for sharing search engine technology.

Apart from sharing search engine technology, Microsoft might speed-up the process of paying the $150 million due to Yahoo Inc by June 30, 2010 provided that the companies are still working together at that time.

Our Comments

Real Time Search could well turn up to be a massive fad if not properly executed. Chances are that we have yet to see what will may happen if criminals start to exploit it the way they have with traditional static search engine results page. More interesting is how Yahoo and others plan to rival with Twitter.

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