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Acer To Roll Out Slew Of Android Smartphones In 2010

Taiwanese manufacturer Acer has laid down its plans to become more aggressive in the Android market with up to six models available in the first six months of 2010.

Roger Yuen, Acer's smart handheld business vice president for Asia, told PC World that "“Acer plans to unveil Android mobile phones for three price levels, top-end, mid and low-end, as well as models aimed at business users and consumers".

Acer already has one model on the market, the Acer Liquid, a mid to high end model that comes with the usual ARM/Android combination and costs a mere £340 at Expansys (opens in new tab) with free £20 product vouchers.

But European mobile phone operators are likely to get to offer it on sale only

The mobile phone manufacturer is also expected to support Microsoft's Windows Mobile smartphone and confirmed plans to unveil a model that would rival RIM's Blackberry.

Obviously, this reminds us of the "leak" that hit HTC last week with their entire H1 2010 smartphone portfolio appearing on the internet.

Could it be that Acer wanted to grab some headlines as well? Coincidentally, Acer and HTC will have the same number of Android-based smartphones in H1 2010 and both will have Blackberry-esque models to challenge RIM's hegemony.

Acer is also keen on debuting its own range of Android Apps, a move that follows similar plans by other mobile phone manufacturers - Sony Ericsson, Vodafone, Samsung - to explore the App segment in the hope of generating some revenues and offer compelling USPs.

Our Comments

Planning for more than six months ahead is likely to be counterproductive since Acer will need to check what the rest of the competition - including Apple - is doing. The Apple 4G is likely to be launched in June 2010, as usual.

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