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Apple Fights Back Nokia With Countersuit

Apple has answered Nokia lawsuit over the claimed infringement of 10 key patents related to the iPhone with a countersuit that argues that Nokia infriged Apple's own technology.

Lawyers for the Cupertino-based company handed a 79-page document on filing the lawsuit in the U.S Ditrict Court in Delaware. Apple denies the claims by Nokia over the reported infringements involving 10 patents owned by the Finnish manufacturer.

Nokia filed the lawsuit in the same Delaware court and looked for a royalty on each of the 34 million iPhone sold by Apple since its introduction in 2007. It claimed that all iPhone versions use Nokia's intellectual property around GSM, 3G, as well as wireless LAN.

In a statement, Bruce Sewell, Apple's general counsel, declared that "Other companies must compete with us by inventing their own technologies, not just by stealing ours". The 13 patents listed by Apple covers various areas including teleconferencing, graphic user interface and touchscreen.

It also cited the E71, the Nokia 5310 and the N900 as some of the Nokia models that have used Apple-inspired technology. Apple went further and accused the Finnish manufacturer of having openly stated in the past that they wouldn't hesitate to emulate.

Crucially for Nokia, Anssi Vanjoki, then Executive Vice President and General Manager of Multimedia, said back in 2007 at a company's event that "if there is something odd in the world, we copy with pride", when being specifically asked about the iPhone and some of Nokia's new models back then.

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One could also argue that Apple is likely settle outside the courts. Lengthy lawsuits only benefit lawyers and could have negative impact on both. Apple got sued by Creative Labs over the iPod before the latter retaliated with the same. Eventually, Apple paid Creative Labs $100 million.

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