World's Cheapest Windows 7 Home Premium : £39.99 At Ebuyer

Somehow, popular retailer Ebuyer has been able to get hold of genuine Windows 7 Home Premium copies and is selling them at only £39.99 excluding delivery without Microsoft saying anything.

Mind you, it might be a typo but Ebuyer very rarely had pricing mistakes in the past and will likely fulfill any purchase at this price.

There are 179 copies available at the time of writing; the package is actually an OEM version of Windows Vista Home Premium with a free Windows 7 Upgrade form.

This technically means that you will get two separate operating systems (Vista first, followed by Windows 7 Home Premium).

Users should go to to the and fill in the Coupon redemption page; they will be able to track and edit their orders.

Note that the last date for qualifying end users to submit upgrade media redemption orders has been set to the 28th February 2010 with the last data upgrade media shipped by the end of April 2010.

This could mean that the process has a hard coded use-by-time and Ebuyer looking to get rid of a stock that could become useless when February 2010 comes. If that is true, it could well mean that Windows 7 sales are not as spectacular as expected, at least for Ebuyer.

You will get only the licence and the DVD media, no fancy box or shrink-wrapped packaging. This is the 32-bit not the 64-bit version of the OS; it has been confirmed independently that punters who purchase the package will not get the OS in both flavours.

Ebuyer also stressed that all the shipping and media costs are covered in the price of the product, something that's not normally the case with other such "free upgrades" as performed by many system builders.

The product previously sold for as much as £83 while the 64-bit version can be purchased for as little as £50, a price that includes delivery. Ebuyer's offers compare very favourably with the likes of Amazon.

There, for example, the full Windows 7 Home Premium costs £109.47 while the OEM versions can be had for £78.29 and £69.74 for the 32 bit and 64 bit version respectively.

Ebuyer also sells Windows 7 Professional for £98.62 and £103.31 respectively which is similar to other online retailers. (ed: Note that Ebuyer provides with free delivery on orders above £50, so you might as well spend £13.51 to buy Norton Internet Security 2010.)

Paradoxically, prices of Windows 7 have arguably crept up over the last few months after the launch of Microsoft's latest operating system.

Microsoft has apparently stopped selling its could-have-been-popular Windows 7 Family pack which would have allowed punters to install Windows 7 Home Premium edition on three computers - provided they already have recent Microsoft OS running on them.

It is out of stock at Amazon in the UK and the US with no ETA on when it will be back (ed: the N upgrade version is still available at Amazon courtesy of The Tech Lodge for £143.46).

Students can still acquire Windows 7 Professional for only £30 courtesy of Microsoft's The Ultimate Steal; that's a saving of 86 percent. The offer is scheduled to end at the beginning of January 2010 although this is unlikely.

We would advise you to have a look at two past articles (5 Ways To Get Windows 7 Home Premium Cheap and Get Windows 7 Ultimate For Cheap If You're A Student Or A Teacher) that provide you with an insight on how the price of Windows 7 Home Premium has fluctuated over the last few months.