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£458 Dell Vostro 320 All in One Core 2 Duo 19-inch 2GB 320GB WIndows 7

The powerful, space-saving Vostro All-in-One transforms desktop computing with its sleek clutter-free design and full desktop processor power. Start transforming your workspace from the moment you take your Vostro All-in-One out of the box.

Get up and running using your existing wireless network, or easily integrate into your wired network with our standard gigabit Ethernet. Depending on whether you choose the Vostro All-In-One on its own or with our optional Flexible Mount you will open up your workspace.

Save as much as 44% desktop space with the Vostro All-In-One versus a traditional desktop and monitor set-up or you can save up to 79% desktop space with the optional Flexible Mount versus having a traditional LCD Monitor on the desk.

Beneath its elegant looks, the Vostro All-in-One offers the desktop processing power and productivity features your business needs to stay competitive.

Standard gigabit Ethernet plus integrated Wi-Fi 802.11b/g for easy connectivity – you can run your whole office without a wired network or in-house IT staff.

6 USB ports, 8-in-1 media card and legacy serial/parallel ports make it easy to access media files and connect peripherals. IEEE 1394a is a feature for video camera interface.

Your Vostro All-in-One arrives with the IT support, service and protection options you need so you can reduce downtime and focus on your business.

This Vostro 320 (opens in new tab) comes with a Core 2 Dup E7500 running at 2.93GHz with 2GB RAM, Keyboard and mouse and a 19-inch LCD panel capable of showing 1440x900 pixel, 320GB hard disk drive, a DVD writer, internal speakers and a 1.3-megapixel camera.

It can be had for £449 excluding VAT and delivery. However you can reduce it further by using the code L$9WQR9WG58199 to £458 all inclusive.

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