Acer join the Android Invasion

Androids march continues

Acer is a Taiwanese manufacturer that recently overtook Dell to become the world's second-largest seller of PC’s (behind Hewlett-Packard). CEO Gianfranco Lanci has the stated goal of being one of the top five smartphone suppliers by 2014.

In early 2009 Acer jumped into the mobile market with a phone range running Windows Mobile. 2010 is setting up to be a year of the Androids for it, with the flowing-line Acer Liquid just out in the UK, and up to 6 more to appear across European and Asian markets in the first half of the new year.

The Liquid runs Android 1.6 and is a touchscreen phone powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. It’s been under-clocked (made to run a little slower) to about 800MHz to improve battery life.

I’ve hung back on posting any preview or unboxing clips of the Liquid, because the videos I can find are way too long, or are just shabby – When a good one becomes available, I’ll be sure to post it up.

Acer’s first Android looks to lay a solid foundation, but I’d expect its 2nd and 3rd Android offerings to really begin to differentiate if it wants to claim one of the vaunted top five seats.

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