Dell Launches Multi Touch Capable Inspiron One 19 & Studio 17

Dell has debuted two new computers that have multi touch capabilities, the Inspiron One 19 and the Studio 17, both of which come unsurprisingly, with Windows 7 Home Premium.

Users can use touchscreen gestures such as drag, pinch, flick and rotate and the resistive screens of both computers are fully multi touch capable, able to recognise up to four fingers simultaneously.

The Inspiron One 19 comes in an all in one form factor with a 19-inch monitor capable of showing 1400x900 pixels. Available from £479, it comes with a 2.2GHz Intel Celeron processor, 3GB RAM, a 320GB hard disk drive and a DVD writer.

For an additional £50, you can get a dual Core Intel Pentium processor, 4GB RAM and a bigger 500GB hard disk drive. The Dell Studio 17 is a laptop that is multi touch capable, a feature that's becoming more common amongst portable computers.

It boosts similar features to the Inspiron One 19 and comes with a 17.3-inch 1600x900 pixels screen together with JBL branded speakers, WiFi and a Webcam. The price and availability of the Dell Studio 17 have yet to be confirmed.

David Clifton, The European Director of Dell Consumer Marketing, said in a statement that "Touchscreen makes computing easy and fun for all ages. Whether it's a space saving machine, or an entertainment laptop, Dell now has options to allow for a great touchscreen experience".

Our Comments

Dell is gradually introducing some great features on its entry level computers. Touchscreen is one and the fact that even its 17-inch laptops now sport HD resolutions is something to highlight. Now if only, it went more upmarket and delivered some designs that would make Apple go weak on the knees, that would be fantastic.

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