Gluster Overhauls Open Source Clustered Storage Technology

Gluster Inc., a specialist in providing effectual open source storage solutions, has announced the common availability of “Gluster Storage Platform”, which its users can merge with commodity hardware applications to create cost-effective clustered storage environments.

The platform integrates GlusterFS file system, the company’s signature open-source clustered file system, with a layer of an open source operating system along with a management interface to bring together memory and disc resources into a single unit of enhanced capacity.

In addition, it also offers the capability to replicate the data for wide availability, and carries out effective real-time error detection and rectification within various files while they are running or being recovered from a failed hard drive.

It further paves the way for integrated management of data resources, volumes, as well as servers with the feature of centralised login and reporting.

Gluster Storage Platform is claimed to be different from other similar solutions because it doesn’t rely on centralised index to carry out information management and movement functions.

Discussing the same, Jack O’Brien, company’s senior director of marketing, said in a statement: “GlusterFS is the only commercial file system that doesn't use a centralized metadata server. Other vendors use it because it's easier to manage”.

Our Comments

O'Brien further touted the platform as a useful virtual storage pool designed for virtual server deployments, and claimed that the software assures impeccable functioning of virtual machines.

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