Google Inc Nexus One

Numerous reports have surfaced over the weekend, including an article in the Wall Street Journal, confirming the launch of a phone direct from Google Inc. Named as the Nexus One, market analysts predict the Gphone will be sold directly to consumers, bypassing network operators and untangled from handset subsidies. Google will be able to moderate the cost by embedding advertising within the onboard applications and functions.

Manufactured by HTC, the phone seems to be materialising with a 1GHz Snapdragon chip, a capacitive OLED touchscreen, Android 2.1 and to be thinner than the iPhone.

A number of blogs and media sources are touting the Nexus One as available from January. Stories have been told and rumours spread about a Gphone appearing for more than a year, yet with no official announcement so far, next month feels too soon to be ready for sales.

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