Microsoft Buys Opalis To Boost Data Centre management Offerings

In a move that would help Microsoft to augment its datacentre management capabilities quite significantly, the software giant has announced that it has snapped up a privately-held IT process software automation company, named Opalis Software, for an undisclosed sum.

Toronto-based Opalis specialises in automating the tasks included in operating a datacentre involving virtual life cycle management as well as Run Book Automation.

In addition, the company also tenders “deep integration capabilities” to help administrators to co-ordinate various tasks across the server infrastructure and other intermediaries’ systems management applications, along with a specialised automation platform for defining workflows between various datacentre management tools.

Brad Anderson, Microsoft’s corporate VP, noted in a blog posting that the acquisition would help the company beef up its signature datacentre management system, dubbed as Microsoft System Centre.

Anderson wrote: “I believe this acquisition is a pivotal piece to deliver on our dynamic datacenter initiative. This deal brings together the deep datacenter automation expertise of Opalis with the integrated physical and virtualised datacenter management capabilities of Microsoft System Center”.

The addition of Opalis to Microsoft’s stable would help the latter’s customers to automate their IT processes, thereby could be very useful in trimming down the operational costs as well as the IT services delivery timelines across all environments, he added.

Our Comments

The acquisition of Opalis fits in Microsoft's long term goal to become a major player in the cloud computing segment. Cloud computers will require loads of data centres and Microsoft is already building them in Ireland and Russia. Expect more acquisitions in this segment.

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