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O2 Achieves 150Mbps Download Speed In 4G UK LTE Trial

O2, one of Britain’s most popular telecomm service providers, has announced that it has completed its very first trial of Long Term Evolution, which is being hailed as the next generation 4G mobile phone technology, in UK.

The trial was performed in collaboration with Telefonica and Huawei, a leading telecom solutions provider based in China. The trials proved to be a big success as O2 claims that it had achieved a peak speed of 150mbps in Slough, where the company’s headquarters are based.

The speed that was recorded was many times higher than existing speeds which the 3G spectrum currently provides. The company’s very own HSDPA 3G network boasts of speeds of only up to 3.6 mbps.

Interestingly, many experts believe that rapid evolutions in the mobile phone technology is the direct result of significant development in bandwidth available to phones that allows them to download data at lightening fast speeds.

The smart phone revolution, which has seen users downloading applications and media specific to the phone, is in direct relation with the 3G network which enhances its capabilities tenfold.

Further development in transmission speeds will allow users to stream data to and from their phone effortlessly. However, commercial services derived from these trials are unlikely to reach the market for a foreseeable future.

Our Comments

O2 CTO Derek McManus, expressing his satisfaction at the results, said that the company was pleased to collaborate with Huawei to get a better understanding of 4G technology so that it is able to provide next generation mobile internet services to its users.

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