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Oracle Promises Not To harm MySQL To Please EU

Oracle’s high-profile takeover of Sun Microsystems appears all set to be cleared by the European Commission regulators, after the former pledged to safeguard competition in the database software segment, according to media sources.

The Commission has been holding back the $7.4 billion acquisition over the concerns that it would hamper the competition in the database software market by giving Oracle an enhanced control through its own proprietary solutions and MySQL.

The regulators initially expressed their fears that Oracle could deny to license the open source database MySQL to some of the companies or for some applications.

This, in order to coerce the market to choose its own proprietary software, which in turn could result in inflated prices and lack of choices in the database sector.

Incidentally, European antitrust officials have a 27th of January deadline to take the final decision on the deal, but the recent announcement from Oracle that it would be safeguarding competition in the market has reportedly convince the EU to give decision in favour of the deal.

In a recent statement, an EU’s executive has noted that the Commission has had “constructive discussions” with the software giant about maintaining MySQL as a key component in its database market drive after it snaps up Sun Microsystems.

Our Comments

Citing several new commitments Oracle made about the competition issues surrounding MySQL, the EU said: “Oracle's binding contractual undertakings to storage engine vendors regarding copyright non-assertion and the extension over a period of up to five years of the terms and conditions of existing commercial licenses are significant new facts”.

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