Sony Ericsson Debuts "Greenheart" Elm and Hazel Smartphones

Sony Ericsson has announced the launch of two new eco-friendly handsets, the Hazel and the Elm, which both come with a number of environmental friendly credentials aimed at Earth-loving mobile phone users.

Back in June, the company introduced two other eco-friendly smartphones, the C901 Greeheart and the Naite, which boasted some impressive specifications but came at a hefty price.

The Elm and the Hazel - both candybars - are made up of recycled plastics, come with a "green calculator" and a "walk mate" ecological applications, e-manual, low-power chargers, free from environmentally-harming chemicals and a minimalist packaging (not unlike the Sony Ericsson T715).

Interestingly both handsets are apparently splash-proof, a boon if you plan to go walking in the wild and rain starts to fall, come with active noise reduction and are equiped with a microSD card reader.

There's a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus, HSDPA, a GPS receiver, WiFi and a Wisepilot mapping application plus Google maps preloaded on the duo. The main differentiating point is the screen size, 2.2-inch on the Elm and 2.6-inch on the Hazel, both showing 320x240 pixels.

They will both be available next year but their prices have yet to be unveiled. Note that the Naite and the C901 have yet to be released in the UK anyhow although you can get the latter from for a staggering £500. Being eco-friendly doesn't come cheap.

Our Comments

Green is good. Sony Ericsson is one of the very few manufacturers that has decided to regularly launch green mobile phones even if it does a very bad job at marketing them. Let's hope that Sony Ericsson not only decreases the price of the phones but also improve availability.

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