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Virtualisation, Cloud Computing Could Make Life Easier For Cybercriminals

While cloud computing and virtualisation technology are increasingly transforming the work patterns of contemporary organisations, the two technologies claimed to have their own shades of grey, according a recent report from a security vendor Trend Micro.

The Trend Micro 2010 Future Threat Report reckons that cloud computing and virtualisation would move the servers out of the four corners of the conventional security contours, and would eventually make them more open for cyber fraudsters to swindle the web users.

The risks pertaining to cloud computing domains have already been exposed by the Danger/Sidekick server failure incidence occurred last month, which resulted in massive data loss and service outages.

The security vendor believes that cyber criminals would either be fudging the cloud connections, or assailing datacentres or cloud networks.

The changing trends in the internet technology isn’t only easing out our lifestyles and making businesses a lot efficient and cost-effective, but it is also offering cyber criminals more conducive environments to play around like never before.

The report noted that cloud computing is all set to “take off and grow exponentially”, but cautioned that the very nature of the technology could make it an attractive target for cybercrooks, who would presumably like the comfort of attacking a single cloud serving different customers and infiltrating “multiple systems secured the same way”.

Our Comments

Trend Micro obviously has some vested interest in sounding alarming. It sells security solutions and it knows that cloud computing is likely to generate a lot of buzz and revenues in the near future. Virtualisation and the Cloud are here to stay though. The genie is out of the box.

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